Whatever Your Age or Circumstances, You Can Achieve More of What You Want With Digital Skills

Step 1

It Starts With Taking Our Digital Temp Check.

How HOT are your digital skills? Have a go at this gamified quiz to find out.  Remember to keep score of your correct answers for your badge at the end.
Step 2

How Did You Do?

Are you an Explorer, Adventurer or Mastermind? Why not download your badge and show it off to friends, family and on social media? Click to download the badge for your score.

Your Scores

0-15 correct: Explorer!
0-15 correct:
16-30 correct: Adventurer!
16-30 correct:
31-40 correct: Mastermind!
31-40 correct:
Step 3

What is a Digital Skills Roadmap?


We like the metaphor of a mountain climb. So, that’s what we are using! If you complete the Digital Temp Check and keep score of your total correct answers, your score will place you in one of three categories: Explorer, Adventurer or Mastermind. Explorers have their beginner climbing gear (beginner level digital skills) and are ready for the journey ahead. Adventurers have advanced climbing gear (digital proficiency) and are midway up the mountain. Masterminds stand at the summit, having conquered the challenge of the climb, and are getting ready to touch the sky (advanced digital skills)!

It’s in your interest to correctly total your right answers to arrive at your appropriate category. You can then receive support that is tailored to your needs.  We are working on a more efficient system for this. But for now, let’s forge ahead with what we’ve got (because that’s what winners do)!

To learn more about our Digital Skills Road Map and how to embark on your own personalised learning journey, sign up for details at the button below.

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